Camping at Bamniya Kund

Bamniya Kund is an untamed waterfall located around 50 km from Indore. It also has a cascade.

Recently I bought a tent and couldn’t resist to camp! So I, along with a friend, rushed towards Bamniya Kund for my first camping experience. We carried minimal stuff with us. Food, water, camera and tent. We left at 2 in the afternoon on April 23, 2011 and reached the camp site at 4:30 after few km of trek. The first thing we did was pitch the tent.¬†Soon after that we rushed to the cascade to wash away the sweat and the heat. The water temperature was normal and it was good.

Bamniya Kund. From up to down: 1. Waterfall, 2. Cascade, 3. Camp site. 

The weather was nice and cool. There were grey clouds above. We spent time lying in the cool streams and on the warm rocks. Soon hunger hit us and we decided to hit the lunch packs that we bought from home. Eating home made food while having natural pedicure and having the sight of the tent seemed perfect at that moment.

It was turning dark and it was time for us to collect some wood for the camp fire. We collected enough wood for the camp fire and were lying in the tent. It was around 7-8 in the evening. We tried to get some sleep but it didn’t work.

Finally it started raining after the thunder and lightening. It rained moderately for around half an hour and left nothing but humidity! Also the wood we collected was wet. We fell asleep after some time.

Lightening and our tent.

It was 1:30 in the morning and it was cold! We decided to light the fire. After several tries, the wood caught fire. It felt amazing taking heat from the fire in a cold night, near a waterfall. We could still see the lightening. I clicked some pictures and then we went to sleep.

I woke up at around 6 in them morning and decided to hike down to the main waterfall. It was an amazing sight. My heart beat rose and the adrenaline rushed. I was super excited to see the fall so close to me after a long period of time. I clicked loads of pictures and hiked up.

We had morning bath, uninstalled the tent and started moving. On our way back to Indore, we had a rich breakfast at Bhavrilal Sweets, Mhow.

Taking the morning bath.

Camp site in morning light.

Sitting up the cascade.

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7 thoughts on “Camping at Bamniya Kund

  1. I see you had amazing time connecting with Mother Nature. I love camping and I have camped in the mountain and on the beach. Your bath is pure with no chemicals and super cold :)) By the way, were there any bloody sucking mosquitoes that were attacking you all night since mosquitoes love to be around rivers and moisture.

    I enjoyed your lovely camp exotic moments


  2. bhidu yaha ka road way kya hai . if i m at vijay nagar … plzzz reply. and is it for 1 day trip with friends ???

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